Welcome to Cannabis Chef

We create tasty recipes for desserts, canapés, finger foods and appetizers infused with cannabis extracts.  We prefer recipes for foods that can be eaten in small portions to control dosage of THC and other cannabinoids.

For info on how to infuse butter, oil, alcohol, etc., with THC from cannabis, read the recipes listed under “Basics.”


Savory Apple-Onion Triangles

These delicious appetizers melt in your mouth!  A savory combination of cheese, apples, and onions on puff pastry — yum!  Heavenly Medicine.


Citrusy Bruschetta

Bruschetta (pronounced broo-SKET-ta) is an easy appetizer that is a great alternative to sweets when you are having your medicine.

You can mix and match what you put on your Bruschetta, but don’t forget the cannabis-infused olive oil! That is the key to your medicated appetizer.


Cannabis Quesadillas

These Quesadillas make a tasty appetizer or a light lunch.  Great for a Summer lunch or when you want a “little something” but you don’t want a full meal.  These particular Quesadillas have a more Cuban taste, but you can easily go more Mexican, or even Italian by varying your ingredients a bit.


Glazed Lemon Space Cake

This is a wonderful after dinner dessert for great with a cup of coffee or other beverage.  Don’t eat too much, though.  Space Cake can be very strong.


Advice on Eating Cannabis

You should always start with a small amount.  An average dose is about 20 – 25 mg of THC. Because it takes an hour-and-a-half to three hours for you to feel the effects of cannabis, don’t eat more until you let enough time pass.  Many people eat some and then an hour later eat more because they are not feeling it yet – and end up  out of commission because they ate too much.

Keep Away From Kids!

Your Cannabis and Cannabis infused products out of reach of children!  Kids can be tempted by your delicious looking treats.  And we all know that small children put everything in their mouths.  Put your treats in childproof packages and hide them where children won’t find them. You don’t want to be rushing your children to the emergency room because they ate your goodies.

Don’t Drive Stoned

Be a safe cannabis user.  Don’t drive or operate machinery while high from cannabis, alcohol or any other drug.  Driving while impaired can endanger you, the passengers in your car and everyone else on the road.  Don’t become a statistic.  Stay in a safe place until the effects of your drug wear off.

Let Us Hear From You

We would love to hear from you.  Let us know how you like our site.  Send us your recipes.  Tell us how our recipes turned out for you.  Or just say “Hi.”  You can follow us on Twitter @CannabisChef.